the Legendary Beasts have migrated, right on schedule! For the next 30 days, until October 31st, the following beast availability is confirmed:

  • Entei in North and South America
  • Raikou in Asia and Australia
  • Suicune in Europe and Africa

As usual, our Raid Guides will be updated promptly. Be aware that Raikou is the strongest Legendary Beast, while Suicune is the weakest, unfortunately. The base capture rate for Raikou, Entei and Suicune is 2%, according to the GAME_MASTER, which results in rather difficult capture encounters.

We’ve also prepared a new map, as the last one was very successful:

Read up on our counter guides, prepare to raid again and make sure to find a friendly local raiding group if you already don’t have one.

Useful links and reading from the Hub:

Raikou, Entei and Suicune catch rate tables

The following tables hold true for all three legendary beasts, with their base Capture Rate of 2%.

No Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry 1.67% 1.92% 2.50% 3.07%
Curve 2.83% 3.25% 4.21% 5.17%
Razz Berry 2.50% 2.87% 3.73% 4.58%
Curve 4.21% 4.83% 6.25% 7.65%
Golden Razz Berry 4.13% 4.74% 6.13% 7.51%
Curve 6.92% 7.92% 10.20% 12.43%
Bronze Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry
1.84% 2.11% 2.75% 3.38%
Curve 3.11% 3.57% 4.62% 5.67%
Razz Berry
2.75% 3.15% 4.09% 5.02%
Curve 4.62% 5.30% 6.86% 8.39%
Golden Razz Berry
4.54% 5.20% 6.73% 8.23%
Curve 7.59% 8.68% 11.16% 13.58%
Silver Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry
1.84% 2.30% 2.99% 3.68%
Curve 3.11% 3.88% 5.03% 6.17%
Razz Berry
2.75% 3.43% 4.46% 5.47%
Curve 4.62% 5.77% 7.46% 9.11%
Golden Razz Berry
4.54% 5.66% 7.32% 8.94%
Curve 7.59% 9.43% 12.11% 14.72%
Gold Medal
Normal Nice throw Great throw Excellent Throw
No berry
2.17% 2.49% 3.24% 3.98%
Curve 3.66% 4.20% 5.44% 6.67%
Razz Berry
3.24% 3.71% 4.82% 5.91%
Curve 5.44% 6.23% 8.05% 9.83%
Golden Razz Berry
5.34% 6.11% 7.90% 9.65%
Curve 8.90% 10.17% 13.06% 15.85%

P.S. It’s rather obvious now how the next migration will look, isn’t it? 🙂

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  • pooranspress

    Will there be a switch with Entai soon for Asia?

    • Curtis Beales

      Do you like not read any of this at all? It tells you every at the end of the month they will change! You will get Entei on the 1st of November.

  • DevilxDan

    not bothered. won’t get any legendaries cos u need people in raids and to do that u gotta live in big cities. the game is so bias just tell me wen they add gen 3 or a new feature for ALL players smh

    • Scott Allen Simacek

      I live in a small rural town in California and was able to acrew 240 out of 244 pokemon . I’ve traveled to San Fran philly Denver and New York to complete my collection the game is not biased it ENCOURAGES traveling if you don’t like it you don’t have to play

      • hkmaly

        You can say the game is heavily biased against lazy people. Except people in small rural town needs to travel much further away than people in big cities.

      • DevilxDan

        oh I also forgot u mentioned traveling… im 15 so I cant travel. so the game is also bias for adults

        • Devilspeed999r

          have 5 phones and 5 top accounts… do raids with 1 finger at every phone… 🙂

          • The Photoshop Troll

            Nice job being rich, guys!

          • Devilspeed999r

            PS: i’m not doing that… just kidding off course…
            @@devilxdan:disqus keep begging for the trade system.. for rural players that’s pretty much the only “normal” way to get the legends or giving your account to a friend that can do legends for you…

        • Kyon Smith

          then stop whining. go play a pokemon 3DS game then. It will be endlessly more enjoyable than you playing PoGo and complaining online.

          • DevilxDan

            Im not wining.. is still enjoy the game and am not far off completing the pokedex but just will never get any legendaries is this remains the only way to get them

  • Heikki Mustonen

    Why they do this in the “wrong” order where you can’t counter new legendary beasts with earlier legendary beasts? Also it will be so much fun to try to get raids to raid Raikou in the northern Europe in November when it’s probably way below 0 Celsius already.

  • Peg Janssens

    Good job to US getting Entei!
    It’s easy to catch, most people i know and myself included have over 20+ Enteis catched, only free raid passes used
    You can beat it with 5 people when there lvl 32+ and still have some time left

    It’s pitty that we get Suicune :/, i would have loved to see Raikou first, but it is what it is.
    Also, it indeed is bad to beat Raikou in a much colder season, it’s gonna be harder to get people outside, Colder and way earlier dark.

    I jusy hope Niantic will do more beasts raids after 17u, Entei was alot between 7AM and 13PM then almost none, You know Niantic some people work from 8u-17u/18u and alot of students are at school. Ow and while we are at it, Weekends, give some more raids in the weekend, it’s like, oh weekend, Entei’s on a weekend off, only showing himself 2/3 times a weekend day in an area spread over 15 towns instead of at least 1 or 2 times in each town

  • Heydavid17

    Happy days! Suicune was the one I was hoping for! 😀

  • Vazio

    Raids are starting to get boring.

  • Ashley Batty

    Raids are getting boring. And entai is easy I’ve battled 32 caught 19 that’s like 60% catch rate. Battled it in 4’s aswell n most of the time everyone catches it when there’s only 4 or 5 people. N I’ve found if you are in a group of 9 or 10 4 or 5 will catch it. So where I am we split up into 4’s or 5’s to increase catch rate n it seems to work. That’s my tip America. N I’ve caught it on every berry n my last one I caught no berry and no curve

    • Erick Fournier

      Thanks for the tip! I’ll test it out here in Toronto!

  • Edwin Fung

    Is Raikou a great pokemon?

  • DerkD

    My timing is terrible, I’ve been in Europe since august, will be back in the US in a week, so by the time I get back Raikou will already be gone. Do you think in december all 3 beasts will be available for a bit so I can get a chance to get Raikou?

  • Michal Hušák

    What is the minimum L 35 trainers for Suicune ? I was testing Suicune solo today with L 37 optimized setup (maxed Zapdos an Execute with SB) and got it to 85% or so. I belive 8+ people required, not like 4 people for Entei ….

  • Joe1407

    One word for DevilxDan, “Teleport”

    • DevilxDan

      Y would i want to spoof that is boring no fun.

  • Leo Luo

    I did an Entei raid yesterday, although the egg hatched at 7: 42. Our raids in Ohio (not specifying where for you-know-what reasons :)) and we did it at about 8: 15. Is this because of the first day for the new beasts? P.S. I didn’t catch the Entei……..

  • DevilxDan

    I hope soon they bring out all legendaries as rare wild spawns so ALL players hav a fair chance of getting em

    • Luke Davies

      Agreed. Not everyone wants to do the bloody raids meaning if you don’t you Miss out it’s ridiculous.

      • DevilxDan

        I mean people (me) cant do raids cos no one plays game in area.

  • Carlyhu ?

    I did 7 Suicune raids and didn’t catch a single one.
    Hopefully I have better luck with Raikou

  • vision33r

    The trick to catching isn’t about the balls or berries. It’s all an internal counter they have, if you ran 3-4 raids in a row a day you have a higher chance than trying to catch one in 3-4 days with only 1 try per day. They automatically make it so that you will spend coins to get the extra raid passes.

    So far I have caught many simply by raiding extra tries and catching it in all my accts. It didn’t even matter I used a berry.

    • Adrian Franch

      thats not true because I’ve done entai raids back to back for 6 days now and I’ve caught 5 out of the 6 throwing curve balls and great/excellent throws increases your chances of capture. Also if you do more damage and are in a gym controlled by your group you will get more premier balls which gives you more opportunities.