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How to play Pokemon Masters outside Singapore and Canada

Pokemon Masters is an upcoming mobile game that features a strong emphasis on Trainer battles and gacha-style mechanics. Masters has been a trending topic...

Ralts Community Day Guide (August 2019)

August Community Day takes place this weekend, on August 3 2019, and features the elusive Pokemon Ralts. If you're lucky, you may even encounter...
Legendary Week: Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza

Should you power up Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre?

Legendary Pokémon are a group of incredibly rare and often very powerful Pokémon, generally featured prominently in the legends and myths of the Pokémon...

Rayquaza Counters Heat Map

Rayquaza (and its Shiny form!!!) returns to Tier 5 Raids in Pokémon Go as of 1pm PDT on Wednesday 31st July! To help you...
Team GO Rocket Logo

Team GO Rocket Takeover!

The countdown to D-Day, or should we say "TGR-Day", has ended. Team GO Rocket Takeover has begun and in grand fashion will be taking over...
Hypno Raid Guide

Hypno Raid Guide

Hypno is a Tier 3 raid boss. Hypno is a pure type, is boosted by weather, and has weaknesses to the following...
Shadow Pokemon

A Troubling Situation Guide: Team Rocket Special Research

"A Troubling Situation" is the new Team Rocket themed Special Research quest line that comes in four stages. The quest line follows Prof. Willow,...
Team GO Rocket

Team Rocket Invasions: Everything You Need to Know

Team Rocket Invasions are upon us and in order to help fellow trainers, we collated all of the information report by our Discord members...
Mudkip Community Day

Mudkip Community Day Guide

Trainers! Prepare to make a splash with July's Community Day featuring the Mud Fish Pokémon Mudkip! This Mudkip Community Day Guide will help you...

Hydro Cannon Swampert: A Water Powerhouse

Hydro Cannon, has been confirmed as the signature move for Swampert this Community Day. In PvE (gyms/raids) it is a 2 bar move with...
Pokemon GO PvP

How to Reach Excellent on All Charge Moves in Trainer Battles

Pokemon GO's Trainer Battles charge moves have been fundamentally changed with the yesterday's introduction of charge move mini games. In today's guide, we'll show...
Pokemon GO PvP: battle against Team Leaders

Team Leaders PvP Training Guide: Defeating Blanche, Candela and Spark

Blanche, Candela and Spark fights can be completed every day in order to level up your Ace Trainer medal and get easy Stardust rewards....
Team Rocket Clothing

Lost Luggage Survival Guide

During my trip to GO Fest Dortmund, my luggage got lost - all of the clothes, chargers and shoes gone. It's a terrible situation...
Raid Boss List - Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo Heat Map

Mewtwo has returned to Tier 5 Raids in Pokémon Go, but now has a nice new shiny suit of armor which buffs its Defense...
shiftry pokemon go

Shiftry Raid Counters Guide

Shiftry is a Tier 4 Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, makings its way to raid battles for the first time with the start of the...

Houndoom Raid Counters Guide

Houndoom is a Tier 3 raid boss with a Combat Power of 18082. Houndoom is boosted under and weather. As of the release...
Pokémon GO Absol

Absol Raid Counters Guide

Absol is a Tier 4 Raid Boss in Pokemon GO, with Boss CP of 28769 and Max Capture CP of 1433 (Level 20, perfect IV...
Pokémon GO Quests featuring Prof. Willow

Pokemon GO July Move Re-Balance: Biggest PvE Winners

Trainers, a movepool shakeup has just been announced in Pokémon GO! Some select Pokémon are now able to learn new fast & charge moves,...
Raid Boss List - Armored Mewtwo

Armored Mewtwo Counters Guide

Armored Mewtwo is a special Tier 5 Pokemon GO Raid Boss with 41299 CP that will be available from February 25th to March 2nd...

Deoxys (Speed Forme) Heat Map

Deoxys (Speed Forme) is the fourth and final Forme of this Mythical Pokémon to be released in Pokémon Go. It will be available in...
Entei Field Research Reward

Entei Heat Map

As part of the Ultra Reward for successfully completing all of the Global Challenges during this year's Go Fests, the three Legendary Johto Beasts...
Pokemon GO Catch mechanics

New Pokemon GO Fast Catch Trick on Android: Back Button

Trainers, this announcement comes pretty late, but better late than never! There's a new Fast catch trick available on most Android devices which have visible...
Are you ready for Professor Willow’s Global Challenge?

Pokémon GO Fest 2019 Global Research Challenges

Niantic has just announced Professor Willow Global Research Challenges and Rewards for Pokémon GO Fest events in Chicago, Dortmund and Yokohama. Trainers from around...
3d Year Anniversary

Jump-Start Special Research Guide

Did you come back to Pokémon GO recently, but feel like you missed out on a lot? Or are you just looking for some...

Raikou Heat Map

As part of the Ultra Reward for successfully completing all of the Global Challenges during this year's Go Fests, the three Legendary Johto Beasts...
3d Year Anniversary

Third Anniversary Event Guide

Pokémon Go's Third Anniversary Event is here and will be celebrated with a load of events worthy of three amazing years of gameplay! It...
Groudon Raid Guide

Groudon Heat Map

On June 27th at 1pm PDT, the Continent Pokémon, Groudon will make another brief return to Tier 5 Raids. To help you build your...
Wizards Unite Logo

Wizards Unite – A Guide for Pokémon Go Players

Niantic has finally released its newest game - Harry Potter Wizards Unite. This game has been hotly anticipated since it was first announced in...

Jungle Cup – First Impressions of the Meta

Cover Photo created from the assets provided by TSR including imagery from Indranil Ghosh The Silph Arena's Jungle Cup has been announced and will be open...
Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund 2019

Go Fest Dortmund 2019 Tips and Tricks

Trainers, it's nearly time for Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund, Pokémon GO's second Huge Event of 2019. Many of you may have seen videos and posts...

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Kyogre Raid Counters Guide

Kyogre is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon Go, being a member of the Weather Trio with Groudon and Rayquaza. Best Kyogre counters...

Groudon Raid Counters Guide

Groudon is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO, being a member of the Weather Trio with Rayquaza and Kyogre. The best Groudon...

Unova Celebration Event

Pokémon GO's Unova Celebration Event celebrates Pokémon first found in the Unova region. The event last from Tuesday, January 5, 2021, at 10:00 a.m....

Collection Challenges launch in Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is introducing a new feature – Collection Challenges! Collection Challenges are a handy concept that tasks players with collecting Pokémon featured during...