Best Gen 3 Pokemon to Catch: farming best Gen III Pokémon made easy

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With Pokémon GO Generation III release date being just around the corner, we decided to create a simple guide on the most important catches of Generation 3. This guide lists only the best catches, the ones you should almost never skip and the ones you want to track and actively pursue.

Best Generation III catches for evolution purposes

The following Pokémon have very strong evolutions down the line, as described in our Generation III previews. You can click on the Pokémon column to navigate to it’s family overview. The Cost column shows the total amount of candy needed to evolve a final stage of that Pokémon family.

Best Generation III catches in Pokémon GO
Pokémon Description Available
Treecko 125 Candy Treecko and it’s family is the best grass type addition of Generation III, bringing a great set of moves and stats that can easily outperform older Solar Beam wielders.
Slakoth 125 Candy Slakoth evolves into Slaking, one of the bulkiest Generation III Pokémon. Although Slaking to received a heavy nerf with Yawn being it’s only Quick Move, Slakoth is still an interesting catch that could pay off stat wise.
Ralts 125 Candy Ralts and it’s final evolution Gardevoir is one of our all time favourite Gen III Pokémon. With psychic and fairy typing, access to strong Fairy moves and a great stat distribution for the current meta, Gardevoir is a great Pokémon in any team.
Makuhita 50 Candy Let’s break some bricks! Makuhita evolves into a Hariyama, a Machamp tiered fighting attacker. Unlike Machamp, Hariyama has a ton of Stamina (288) and performs fairly better than it’s Generation 1 predecessor. Combine that with low cost of evolution, and it’s not hard to see why we’re excited about Makuhita.
Shroomish50 Candy Can’t get your hands on enough Makuhitas? Try with Shroomish, who evolves into a surprisingly strong fighting attacker named Breloom. Not better than Makuhita, but a great option to fill your Fight Club for the upcoming Absol raid.
Beldum 125 Candy Beldum is a complete no brainer. Beldum evolves Metagross, a steel and psychic typed offensive beast with 3644 Max CP. One should never skip a Beldum, nor should you forget to use a Pinap Berry on it!
Bagon 125 Candy Bagon is essentially the Dratini of Generation III, with two staged dragon evolution that ends up with Salamence, a slightly weaker version of Dragonite that has access to Draco Meteor, it’s signature move. Bagon is expected to be a super rare catch, similar to how Dratini was in Gen 1.
Aron 125 Candy Aron is a curious entry on this list. Aron evolves into Aggron, a steel and rock defensive monster, with 304 Defense and 3004 Max CP. Unfortunately, Aggron takes 2x SE damage from ground and fighting attacks.
Feebas 100 Candy Feebas evolves into a Milotic, a solid, high CP, bulky water type. Milotic is essentially a slightly different version of Gyarados, a solid, beefy Pokémon with not much fuss.

Generation III evolution fodder

As per Reversal’s suggestions, we’re including two additional Pokémon in this guide, covering the equivalent of Pidgey in Generation III. These Pokémon should be always buffed with a Pinap Berry to maximize candy gain and used only for mass evolution purposes.

Generation III Pidgey equivalents
Wurmple Whismur

Both evolve Wurmple and Whismur evolve for 12 Candy, making them ideal to mix in with Pidgey and other 12 Candy evolution fodder. Our suggestions is to use PidgeyCalc to maximize your experience gain while mass evolving.

Other interesting Generation III catches

In addition to the Pokémon listed above, there are a few Pokémon species we recommend tracking down and prioritizing over other Pokémon: Relicanth (similar to Omastar), Absol (dark glass cannon, a better version of Umbreon) and all of the starter Pokémon – they are solid mid tier additions.

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