Pokémon GO Aims to Multiply its Indian User Base Tenfold in Three Years

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As mobile gaming continues to boom in India, boasting over 650 million smartphone users, Niantic – the US-based developer behind the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO – has expressed its ambitious strategy for the Indian market.

Recently, in a strategic move to cater to the Indian audience, The Pokémon Company (TPC) and Niantic introduced the game in Hindi and undertook the colossal task of renaming more than 800 Pokémon in Hindi. This underlines the brands’ dedication and commitment to solidifying their foothold in India.

In an exclusive interview with IANS, Omar Tellez, Niantic’s VP of Emerging Markets, elucidated on the company’s grand vision. “Our goal for the next three years is to increase our Indian user base tenfold. We want India to stand amongst our top five global markets. This vision will be bolstered through the development of localized content, improved map coverage, competitive pricing models, and by forging stronger ties with local communities,” he elaborated.

Despite facing stiff competition from heavyweight games like BGMI and Call of Duty (CoD) in the Indian subcontinent, Tellez remains optimistic. He believes that by embracing more languages, infusing cultural relevance, orchestrating live events, and offering special bundles and pricing for the Indian players, Pokémon GO will carve its niche. Another feather in Niantic’s cap is their cutting-edge platform, Lightship.

“We’ve observed a significant surge in device upgrades in India over the last couple of years. We’ve optimized our AR technology for the Indian audience, and it’s heartening to see Lightship being embraced by Indian game developers,” Tellez commented.

Further amplifying their commitment, Niantic has now established a dedicated team in India, which they lacked in the past. This team, comprising around 13 professionals, is diligently working across marketing, business development, and operations. It’s worth noting that Pokémon GO is the reigning champion of mobile gaming, with a record-breaking tally of over 1 billion downloads.

“Current global data suggests we have about 17 million monthly active users,” Tellez added, citing sources like App Annie and Data AI.

In a thrilling revelation for Indian gamers, the company announced its intent to roll out an esports tournament or Player vs. Player (PvP) events in the country. Collaborating with partners, they plan to host regional qualifiers culminating in a grand finale competition.

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