this is not a drill! The Shiny Dratini family is now appearing in the game’s network data! As discovered by the regular Pokémon GO dataminer ZeChrales, the game is now downloading the shiny Dratini sprites:

We have all wondered if Niantic will release the Shiny Dratini, speculated, feared and hoped for weeks. Now it has finally happened and we are expecting shiny Dratini to appear in tomorrow’s Pokémon GO community day event.

We strongly suggest you prepare for tomorrow with a huge number of Pokéballs, battery banks and more. This is not something you want to miss out on, especially as this is one of the rare meta-relevant Shiny Pokémon!

You can see the full data mine on ZeChrales Github (link) and this is how the sprite looks like in the Pokedex screen:

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