Rayquaza and more flying and dragon types
Rayquaza and more flying and dragon types


here’s the complete overview of the new wave, bringing together information that was previously scattered around in Tweets and Discord messages:

Swablu is available as a shiny in the wild and it’s appearing everywhere. Unfortunately, Swablu and Altaria are not really useful in Pokemon GO and Swablu requires 400 Candy to evolve.


There is a plethora of new raid bosses that have been confirmed, mostly based around Water and Ice, as a perfect counter for the new Rayquaza Raid Boss:

  • T1: SwabluSnorunt,
  • T2: Dewgong
  • T3: JynxAzumarillPiloswine
  • T4: Feraligatr
  • T5: Rayquaza

Volbeat, Illumise and Tropius seem like new regionals, but it’s too early to confirm. As of this writing, these are the initial sightings:

  • Volbeat (Europe, Asia-Pacific)
  • Illumise (Americas)
  • Tropius (Africa)

Ditto has been confirmed to hide as Taillow. Eggs are still a mystery, but it’s likely that Bagon is in the 10K pool.

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