Trainers, the Safari Zone Yokosuka is now underway, taking place in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, from August 29th to September 2nd JST. Yokosuka SF is the final event in the Pokemon GO summer event series, and also the final event we need to complete to unlock the fabled Ultra Bonus.

The event features a Yokosuka only special research quest line, unique Pokemon spawns, Tropius and more. Couple of Gaming summarized the entire event in one beautiful info graphic:

Yokosuka Safari Zone Moltres Day confirmed
Yokosuka Safari Zone Moltres Day confirmed

Interested readers can check the venue guide (PDF format) here. Visiting Ingress players can find the Yokosuka Ingress Strategy Base here.


Safari Zone Yokosuka Featured Pokemon

These Pokemon can be found more often throughout Japan while the event lasts:

Feebas Torchic Eevee
Wingull Tropius Unown

As a tie-in to the Yokosuka celebrations, a shiny Wingull will be available worldwide (currently bugged / not released). Event specific Unown letters spell out Yokosuka, in line with all previous Unown event spawns. You can get the following letters: Y, O, K, S, U, A, G & !

Update: Niantic Support has confirmed that Wingull will appear more frequently only on September 1 / 2.

Yokosuka Challenges explained

Safari Zone Yokosuka worldwide challenges are not live. They will be live on September 1st and September 2nd (Saturday and Sunday) and they challenge players from various regions to perform Research tasks. The global challenges unlock various Stardust and Star Piece bonuses.

Region Research tasks goal Rewards
Yokosuka SF zone 100k Bonus catch Stardust
EU, Middle East & Africa 5M 1 Hour long Star Piece
The Americas 5M Bonus hatch Stardust
The Asia-Pacific Region 5M Bonus raid Stardust

This is the final batch of worldwide challenges that are left before unlocking the Ultra Bonus unlock Niantic teased months ago.

Yokosuka Special Research

Quests and rewards

Quest line rewards

The following rewards are given out for completing the quest line

  • 10 Golden Razz Berries
  • 20 Rare Candies
  • 10 Ultra Balls
  • 100k Stardust ⚠️

Special badge reward

Safari Zone Yokosuka Badge
Safari Zone Yokosuka Badge

IGN has a full video showcasing Yokosuka Special Research game play:

Moltres raid day unlock

Safari Zone Dortmund unlocked Articuno raid day (Last Minute Guide to Articuno Raid Day: Leeroy Jenkins!) and GO Fest unlocked Zapdos raid day (Zapdos Day Guide: Lightning Fast Lazy Mode Edition), so it’s safe to assume that Yokosuka will unlock Moltres day and, as is tradition, a shiny Moltres!

You can check out the best Moltres counters on our new database site (link) or in our dedicated Moltres Raid Boss guide.