Pokémon Sleep: More Legendary Pokémon Coming, Next Good Sleep Day Event Announced, and More

Exciting news Pokémon Sleep researchers! Not only have the April dates for the upcoming Good Sleep Day been announced, but teasers have been shared that imply we have more Legendary Pokémon coming soon!

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The official UK Pokémon News Instagram account shared a teaser image showing the three Legendary Beasts, Raikou, Suicune and Entei, with the following text:

‘Watch out for Entei and Suicune, who are coming soon to #PokemonSleep. 🔥⚡🌊’

It’s fair to say that the Raikou Research event has been a roaring success, despite a few bugs, which were quickly rectified, and well compensated by the Pokémon Sleep team with not only premium items, but also a mini event.

We suspect that Suicune and Entei will have their own themed events, in the same style as Raikou, over a period of a fortnight. Perhaps Suicune will get an event on Cyan Beach themed with Water type Pokémon, and Entei will be featured on Taupe Hollow with fellow Fire types? Or maybe they will stick to Greengrass Isle, with a focus on Oran Berries for Suicune, and Leppa Berries for Entei. Either way, we recommend working on your Water and Fire type Pokémon in anticipation of these events, and stocking up on Master Biscuits!

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The next Good Sleep Day event will be held from 23rd April to 25th April 2024.

Each month Pokémon Sleep will now share some sleeping tips to try to help you get the best night sleep!

Finding a routine that helps you relax is an effective way to get better sleep.

Discover the best relaxation technique for you—no single thing is effective for everyone.
Try finding a routine, such as lighting a candle with a scent you like, reading a book you’re already familiar with, cuddling with your pet, solving a puzzle that lets you zone out as you work on it, listening to soothing music, finding bedding or pajamas most comfortable for you, or anything else that’s easy to keep up and lets you relax.

Following this routine every night can be effective because it can teach you bedtime habits.

If you keep up this routine for a while, your brain will learn that you do this activity right before sleep, and it will help you fall asleep more smoothly.

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Problems currently confirmed:

  • In some environments, an error occurs when displaying a Pokémon’s Sleep style. If this problem occurs, you will need to restart the app. We are currently investigating the cause of the error. We will update this article as soon as there is any progress.

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