Pokémon Sleep: Natures

In Pokémon Sleep each Pokémon has their own unique Nature, which can drastically impact their usability in your team. Certain natures will suit different Pokémon more than others, with some boosting their impactful quite a lot, whereas others can make their unique skills almost defunct.

The effects of the nature cause a 10% addition or reduction to the stats mentioned. So for example, Adamant boosts Speed of Help by 10%, but reduces Ingredient Finding by 10%.


These are listed alphabetically, bar the Neutral natures which are listed together at the bottom.

Nature Condition Boost Condition Reduction
Adamant Speed of Help Ingredient Finding
Bold Energy Recovery Speed of Help
Brave Speed of Help EXP Gains
Calm Main Skill Chance Speed of Help
Careful Main Skill Chance Ingredient Finding
Gentle Main Skill Chance Energy Recovery
Hasty EXP Gains Energy Recovery
Impish Energy Recovery Ingredient Finding
Jolly EXP Gains Ingredient Finding
Lax Energy Recovery Main Skill Chance
Lonely Speed of Help Energy Recovery
Mild Ingredient Finding Energy Recovery
Modest Ingredient Finding Speed of Help
Naive EXP Gains Main Skill Chance
Naughty Speed of Help Main Skill Chance
Quiet Ingredient Finding Exp Gains
Rash Ingredient Finding Main Skill Chance
Relaxed Energy Recovery EXP Gains
Sassy Main Skill Chance EXP Gains
Timid EXP Gains Speed of Help
Bashful Neutral Neutral
Hardy Neutral Neutral
Docile Neutral Neutral
Quirky Neutral Neutral
Serious Neutral Neutral

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