Pokémon Sleep: World Sleep Day Commemorative Gift

Today, March 15th 2024, is World Sleep Day! To celebrate Pokémon Sleep has a special commemorative gift for researchers.

According to the World Sleep Day website, their aim is to  have their ‘delegates and sleep health advocates across the world [take action] in their local communities, clinics, and countries to raise awareness of sleep health’. Be sure to use the #WorldSleepDay hashtag if you take part!

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Pokémon Sleep wish for all researchers to have good, comfortable sleep, so they are giving each player* the following gifts. You can accept them by tapping on the gift box icon in the upper right of the main menu.

*Players who logged in before .

  • Growth Incense ×1
  • Focus Incense ×1
  • Poké Biscuit ×5

Focus Incense is an item that doubles the research EXP gained during sleep research. Give it a try when you’d like to raise your research rank. Note: By raising your research rank, you can unlock your helper Pokémon’s max level limits.

Growth Incense is an item that doubles the EXP gained by your helper Pokémon during sleep research. Give it a try when you’d like to raise your helper Pokémon. If you use this incense during the Good Sleep Day event that begins March 24th, the effects of the incense and the effects of the event will stack, and your Pokémon will receive four times the usual amount of EXP (or six times the usual amount on the night of the full moon).

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