Optimal Level 6 and Level 7 Gym Defense team: variety wins over Maximum Combat Power!

Level 6 and 7 Gyms are prevalent Gym levels all across the globe, especially in urban areas where Gym turnover is high. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the optimal Level 6/7 gym lineup in terms of variety and balance.

What is commonly referred as a “hard nut to crack”, a well constructed L6/L7 Gym can destroy most common offensive teams, or at least, severely hamper the attackers ability to burn through the Levels.

Our setup includes the following Pokémon:

Level 6 / 7 Optimal Gym Defending Team

The core of this build consist of three Pokémon that work well in type synergy, making it difficult for the attacker to plan it’s counter strategy. Our core consists of dragon and ground defenders, making it almost impossible to out-type the Gym’s core.

Team core: Dragon and Ground Defenders

Stand your ground

Rhydon / Donphan and Tyranitar make the ground core, with heavy bruising capabilities. Bruising is a common concept in competitive play and refers to a Pokémon that is doomed to fail eventually, however, it deals heavy amounts of damage in the process.

As we’ve already discussed in our previous Battledex guides, all of the defenders mentioned above have high Stamina, access to incredibly punishing Charge moves and a few interesting weaknesses: watergrasssteel and fighting.

Luckily, the current meta eliminates Machamp and Scizor from any serious Offensive team, as their low HP imposes a risk. The only viable hard counter for our ground core is a Vaporeon or an Exeggutor / Victreebel with Solar Beam, however that is easily dismantled with their dragon counterparts.

The Dragon lies bleeding

As our ground core wears down under constant barrage of Vaporeon and Solar Beam ground wielders, a dragon rises to the occasion.

A good Dragonite can easily cut through the attackers, not to forget that a Gyarados can overwhelm and outperform any direct counter at this stage.

The Counter-offensive

At this point, is expected that the attacker has burned through at least 2, but realistically 2.5 of the attacking team. Bruisers do a lot of damage, and given that a majority of players doesn’t dodge perfectly, this is a reallistic expectation.

The counter-offensive comes in shape of two possible Pokémon type combinations:

As already discussed in the Battledex, Espeon has one of the highest DPS moves in the game, second only to Brave Bird flying. Vaporeon is an obvious choice. Ampharos, on the other hand, can destroy Water heavy Attackers and plow through more than one Water based attacker.

Wrapping it up with massive HP

Even at the very end, the Gym requires a HP heavy meatbag, and we can recommend only two additions to this lineup:

  • Blissey with any defending moveset
  • Snorlax with any defending moveset

Interestingly, both of these Pokémon can sit at any place inside this setup, making it very simple to introduce them in an existing gym. The main line of reasoning for their introduction is the following:

  • tempo breaks and offense team exhaustion
  • we’re baiting Machamp into the offensive team
  • picking up where the ground based bruisers left off

Experimentation is the key here, however we suggest to keep the lineup random: don’t allow a lot of repetition in defender type. This seems silly at first, however it forces the attacker to substitute it’s attacking Pokémon often and results in a number of free Quick attacks for the defensive team.