Pokémon Duel Gabite



Gabite has Sand Veil ability, granting him the ability to move over the opponent once he is attacked. This game changing ability is super awesome as it can stop any attack, no matter the rarity. You just don’t fight.

You’ll be surprised how many games Gabite can win, as your opponent forgets about it’s ability, even if it made sure to avoid triggering it before.

Gabite’s moves are not stellar, but they’re far from unusable.


Rarity: R
Movement: 2
Material Cost: 1800


Dragon Claw – Because of Sand Veil, you get to choose any fights you take with Gabite. However, if your enemy threatens a surround kill, or if you want to knock out something like a Shuppet, you need a reliable 70 damage white attack to fall back on.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
28 Slash White 40
28 Dragon Claw White 70
28 Sand-Attack Purple The battle opponent now has Wait.
12 Miss Red

Special ability

Sand Veil - If this Pokémon is attacked, it can move under the opponent's Pokémon to another space next to it. (A battle does not occur.)