Earlier this week, Niantic has released a new wave of Generation III Pokemon, comprised of select Water and Ice types and featuring several interesting additions to the meta game.

In this analysis we’ll break down the performance and potential of the newly added Pokemon and help you understand which ones are worth your hard earned Stardust.

A too-long-didn’t-read version of this article is as follows:

  • Once released, Kyogre will be the best Water type in Pokemon GO, outperforming any other Water type in Gen I – III and probably also in future Generations
  • Milotic performs slightly worse than Gyarados, but outperforms Vaporeon
  • Relicanth is a solid performer
  • Walrein and Ludicolo are not as powerful as expected, but have viable matchups
  • Wailord and Glalie are a complete disappointment.
  • SharpedoWhiscash and Crawdaunt are also not good.

Damage output overview

For starters, let’s see how the newly added Pokemon stack up with the existing high tier entries. The following chart illustrates how well Kyogre, Milotic, Relicanth, Walrein and Ludicolo perform when compared to Gyarados, Vaporeon and Lapras. We discuss each Pokemon in details below the chart.

Analysis and ranking of the new Generation III Water and Ice Types
Analysis and ranking of the new Generation III Water and Ice Types

The chart above was made with the help of an infamous spreadsheet called “Choose Your Attackers v11.0”. Choose Your Attackers is a wonderful tool created by Albert Kleinstein and we highly recommend trying it out, especially if you’re an advanced player trying to min max your team.

Kyogre: the king will come

Unless Niantic heavily nerfs Kygore, it is expected that Kyogre will be a complete monster in terms of DPS and battle performance.

The currently highest DPS Water type is Waterfall / Hydro Pump Gyarados and Kyogre is expected to outperform it by roughly 12% increase in damage output over the same period of time. Kyogre also outperforms Articuno, making him also the best Ice type in game.

In addition, Kyogre has no double weaknesses and can counter a wide selection of Pokemon due to its varied move pool and superb stats. This also includes other Water, Grass and Dragon types.

Milotic and Relicanth are cool

Milotic, or better to say Middle-of-the-pack-ilotic, falls right into the “Vaporeon niche” with whom it shares a similar level of performance. We favor Milotic over Vaporeon as it has access to Blizzard, making it more versatile than Vape.

Relicanth is also a good performer, falling roughly in line with Omastar’s performance.

Walrein is worse than Lapras

We are very disappointed with Walrein’s performance, especially when you consider that Lapras was available since the launch of the game. Moveset by moveset, Walrein performs worse than a similarly equipped Lapras, losing around 7-10% of damage when you compare same movesets.

We still stand by our initial assessment that Walrein is a viable replacement for Lapras in some scenarios, but it’s clear that Lapras is still the king. Articuno still reigns supreme over both of them.

The disappointments

The rest of the bunch is pretty disappointing, with the exception of Ludicolo, that has some potential matchups, but its still lack luster. Our biggest disappointment is definitely Wailord as it doesn’t perform well in any role. That disappointment is closely followed by Glalie, which is pretty much useless at the moment.

This chart illustrates how the lower tier entries perform vs each other:

Gen III water and ice low tier overview
Gen III water and ice low tier overview

The final ranking

To conclude, this is how we see these new Pokemon ranking up to each other and to existing Pokemon.

Pokemon Rating
Kyogre ★★★★★
Milotic ★★★★
Relicanth ★★★★
Walrein ★★★☆
Ludicolo ★★
Crawdaunt  ☆
  • Gallant Gallade

    RIP Wailord. Well, at least he takes up the whole screen when battling, so that’s cool I guess. Actually that’s not really a good thing.

  • 9to5Slavery

    What was wail lord like in the game for it to be a disappointment ?

    • Chanderule

      Pitiful damage

    • peponzio

      It just has insane HP but it’s not really that defensive. It’s not fast and is a very weak, attacker.

      But you could use him to get the regis.

  • Mew two

    Great, now I can’t get two of the best water types. One of them is in the other side of the world, and the other one is in level 5 raids and I got nobody to do them with. Thank you Niantic for making me want to quit even more. Btw level 5 raids were a mistake.

    • Sean Griffin

      i agree. I have no legendaries because whenever there is a level 5 raid in my town, I’m the only one to battle. they need to make ledgendaries available for solo players.

      • Mew two

        By just releasing them in the wild and make them as rare as a Tyranitar. And with the new weather boosting, this will be the perfect opportunity to release them.

        • Storta


          • Nah, releasing legendaries in the wild won’t give spoofers anything more than the game already has. You do know that tier 5 raids aren’t hard to find, don’t you? Spoofers could just jump anywhere they want and do legendary raids as many as they want. By making legendary an extremely rare wild encounter or making them hatchable only from, let’s say, 50k egg will actually hold spoofers down and give rural players a chance to have legendary Pokemon.

          • Storta

            If spoofers can teleport to 100% pokemon on a regular basis they can teleport to legendaries. While if their trying to do a raid its gonnabe harder to know when to get in because their not there communicating with the people.

            As for the 50k eggs, auto walking bots are a thing.

          • Agree. But, eggs have speed cap which will take time to hatch and as far as I am aware of, it’s not that easy to find fully evolved, perfect IV pokemon even with scanners, which in case of legendaries should be a lot rarer. Which system is giving spoofers more benefits? Tier 5 raids that could spawn back-to-back in big cities or extremely rare wild encounter or rare 50k eggs that even rural player like myself could get from stops? I know, either way spoofers will still have the upper hand, but at least it will give rurals a slight hope of getting a Groudon or other legendaries.

          • Storta

            Thats the big issue, that sad as it seems pokemon go isnt a game to solo play. The legendary raids are clearly ment for a big group to take down, since legendaries are ment to be the “biggest” challange of the game. And unless you got at least 4 other players with you the raids are impossible. Because the truth is they cant make legendaries challanging without making them hurt rural players.

          • Finn Brown

            Do you really care about spoofers? Yes they post in all the gyms but they bring there better Pokémon into raids. In some places the only way legendary raids are completed is with 18 spoofers and 2 normal players.

          • Storta

            I dont care spoofers usually they are harmless, what i do hate is when they:
            A. Use their hacks to take down all the gyms in your area in like 10 minutes, while you worked on them for at least a hour and cant go and retake them.

            B. Use their hacks as a way of making youtube content of them showing off what they hacked generating money in the process.

          • Hee Chan Chae

            Yes. And i agree that spoofing is alrightn since niantic made their stupid game like this. Some urban players do not understand how hard is it to get a legendary since theres no one in the raid. I miss the good old days when out of 40 days, a day where i got excited because there was like a tyranitar spawn and i ran 30 minutes to get it 😉 I highly respect niantic for letting spoofing come into their game and ruin it, making rural players sad, and overall making this game unfair.

      • Kalon Jelen

        My favorite idea is to do a looking for group thing, where if you queue in at a gym it gives the option to match you with others looking for that fight somewhere in the world (likely in that time zone) and then you get to do a raid assuming you have enough people. You’re still doing the raid, you still have to have enough, but it means you don’t have to all be at the same place at the same time.

    • Chanderule

      The point of 5 star raids and legendaries is that you put a lot of effort into the game and beat it with friends you’ve gathered, not that you somehow got lucky and a wild Zekrom spawned in your neightborhood

  • Edwin Fung

    How about Swampert? It’s great indeed.

    • Dan

      They’re just talking about the newest batch that dropped for the event.

  • JTzeus

    Where is Cloyster in all of this as a comparison, since Cloyster outdamages Lapras as well? And on the database, it shows that Walerien outdamages Lapras with a full ice moveset(and Cloyster outdamages both of them)

    • KR

      Cloyster doesn’t have a water quick attack(my bad, they are analysing also ice)

  • Robdebobrob

    Real TL;DR for whats worth your stardust:
    Kyogre. Thats it. No other water pokemon beats it. Gyarados is 2nd, but you already have alot of those, and its not Gen 3.

  • Appel Flap

    Great breakdown. Thanx for the effort!

  • Antonio Mercurio

    I only power up the highest cp pokemon so my pokemon bag looks better!

    • Michal Hušák

      ??? Highest CP not highest IV ? Are you realy wasting resources or is this a misprint ?

      • Chanderule

        Not always a bad idea, can save lots and lots of stardust with pretty much the same result (lets say a level 20 with 91% vs a level 29 with 66%, it makes sense to boost the latter, unless its a Tyranitar or something as good)

        • Antonio Mercurio

          usally my highest pokemons are 70% or higher! I dont really care, people are like ‘Can i see the cp” not iv, but eh

          • Chanderule

            Sure, you can brag about them, but they can make a huge difference in battle

      • ikato kiyazaki

        After catching so many weather boosted groudon.. all my first page pokemon are so ugly and red lol..

        • Finn Brown


  • Dimas Aditya S

    Fail Lord…

  • Zappy-N

    i’d just put wailord in gyms to mess with people. like… he’s GIGANTIC. it’s not about winning with him, but sending a message lol.

    nice to see ludicolo and miliotic are viable. bummed about sharpedo being bad, since he’s one of my favorite pokemon. may kyogre save us all. archie was right.

    • Chanderule

      I love Sharpedo as well, and it does actually have a good attack and (kinda) good moves
      But his defense and bulk are concentrated garbage
      So good for 1v1 fights against pure dark TTar I guess, but a Machamp or a Heracross is probably better anyways

  • Nabor Rocha

    I’m a little confused with this article, first graph says damage output but sharpedo is not there, sharpedo has 243 base attack stat (gyarados has 237), he has the highest attack of water type non legendary pokemon, his defense and life are so bad I can’t deny that, but the graph says damage output… besides sharpedo has access to the best water combo (waterfall, hydropump), I hope somebody explain this to me

    • Chanderule

      Sharpedo is listed in the list under because he doesnt get as much damage before he dies as Gyarados does

  • Coco Billy

    OMG 400 Candy than the Worth Pokemon …..

  • Austin Tang

    Even with kyogre being the best, its disapointing that he cant be put in a gym.

    • Chanderule

      Other than bragging, why actually put it there? It will be a Magikarp in a couple of hours anyways, might as well use it for battling

  • G-Walla

    I got a perfect Spheal the other day, my first perfect, disappointed that it’s not as strong as hopes. Still pumped about it, though.

  • Eduardo Carbone

    What about Groundon?

    • Robdebobrob

      What about it?

    • Dan

      It’s not water or ice.

  • Pedro Marques

    Sooo is Walrein worth? I mean, in the database is said that it does more damage than a Lapras, but here is said that it isn’t that powerful… I really like Walrein and a got a really strong Spheal but I don’t know if I should power up when it evolves or if I should power up my Cloyster, wich does more damage than a Lapras and a Walrein (At least this is what the database says…)

  • Higher_Ground

    Why do the same moves on the same pokemon show different amounts of damage on that graph?

    • Dan

      It’s talking about total damage before fainting.

  • Lily

    Kyogre is only water though. Why does the article compare him to articuno saying that Kyogre will be the best ice type in the game. It only knows one ice type move but doesn’t get STAB.

    • Dan

      Total damage on Kyogre with Waterfall and Blizzard: 1732

      Articuno with Frost Breath and Ice Beam: 1377.

      Both of those calculate Stab damage. This is why Kyogre is a better Ice attacker than Articuno.