Pokemon GO Foggy Weather
Pokemon GO Foggy Weather

Pokemon GO Fog weather (also known as foggy weather) influences dark and ghost type spawns, Stardust gain and wild encounter Combat Power.

During Pokemon GO Fog, select species like Poochyena and Mightyena will appear more frequently, with better IVs and award 25+ more Stardust on capture.

Species affected by Foggy weather

The following Generation 1 – 3 Pokemon species are affected by Foggy weather. Please, be aware that all future Dark and Ghost species are also affected by Foggy weather.


dark species affected:

ghost species affected:

Moves affected by Foggy weather

We are still researching which moves are affected by Foggy weather in Pokemon GO. If you have any knowledge on the matter, let us know in the comment section below.

Our current speculation is that only select Ghost and Dark types will be boosted, but we can’t confirm or deny that. Game Master reveals nothing of value as of the time of this writing.

Foggy weather screenshots and preview

The official press kit showed an interesting preview of the Foggy Weather with a video and a series of pictures. We are now sharing those images with our community. We are still working on confirming what moves are affected by this weather effect, stay tuned for updates.

In addition, this in-game popup appears if you tap on the weather icon, stating which types of Pokemon are empowered: