Gen 3 Best Attackers Tier List

Pokémon GO Gen 3 Gym Attackers Tier list is based on our current understanding of the Pokémon GO Generation 3, together with stats, predicted moves and Max CP. This info is subject to change, so be sure to check it out periodically — we’re updating this page as new info comes in.

Gen 3 Best Attackers Tier List
Rank Sprite Pokémon Max CP ATK DEF STA
#1 Slaking (*)
5441 319 201 300
#2 Metagross
steel psychic
3644 257 248 160
#3 Salamence
dragon flying
3532 277 168 190
#4 Aggron
steel rock
3004 198 314 140
#5 Gardevoir
fairy psychic
2964 237 220 136
#6 Milotic
2967 192 242 190
#7 Walrein
water ice
2606 182 176 220
#8 Swampert
water ground
2815 208 175 200
#9 Blaziken
fighting fire
2631 240 141 160
#10 Breloom
grass fighting
2407 241 153 120

(*) Slaking is an exception in Generation III, with it’s ridiculous Max CP. As he will probably be nerfed, take this chart with a grain salt.

Tier list explanation

Like already written, this Tier List is probably going to change over time, however, this are the Pokémon we consider will be the best Gym Attackers added in Generation 3 of Pokémon GO.

Slaking, Metagross and Salamence are no brainers due to their high Max CP, great typing and good stats. Salamence is likely to be worse than Dragonite, but it’s still a great addition to the metagame.

Aggron, Gardevoir and Milotic are interesting additions in their own, especially Gardevoir. Gardevoir’s typing makes her a very potent dragon slayer. Aggron will have access to interesting movesets and Milotic is the Gen 3 version of Gyarados.

Walrein is fairly high up due to it’s ice type, which makes him a viable version of Cloyster. Dragonite has another contender to fear.

The bottom of the chart consists of niche attackers, while Swampert gets a special shoutout. Blaziken has no place in the meta currently, but it is still better than Sceptile.

Interestingly, Breloom is also a better attacker than Sceptile, with 241 ATK.

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