Introducing the Pokémon GO Battledex: future of competitive play!


roughly 15 days ago we started a new internal project at GO Hub.

We’ve been developing it publicly and sharing occasional news, however, its time to officially introduce Battledex to the world!

World, meet Battledex. Battledex, meet the world.

Battledex is an information hub that consists of Pokemon battle profiles, both in terms of Gym battles and the upcoming PvP battles.

Battledex does not try to cover every single Pokemon out there, instead focusing on the ones relevant for the current state of the game. And let me tell you, we did a fine job covering those relevant ones.

Each Battledex page consists of three parts:

  • Pokemon overview
  • Moves analysis and discussion
  • Counters and advantages

All of the Pokemon we covered have been tested, verified and rewritten multiple times. Currently, the Battledex covers the following Pokemon:

With more coming later this week.

Building the future of competitive play

However, Pokemon guides and profile pages are not the only thing Battledex has to offer. Starting with this guide, we are building a library of Gym offense and defense strategies, PvP team line ups and guides.

We are very excited to call everyone interested in helping us build the Battledex to submit their User Guides for Battledex, similar how tbearlovesfatcats sent in the Ampharos guide.

We are currently looking for guides on Gym offense (and offensive team ideas), plus we’re missing the following Pokémon profiles:

  • Machamp
  • Steelix
  • Slowking

So, what do you think? Share your feedback in the comment section and help us build the future of competitive play in Pokémon GO!