Snorlax Pokémon GO

Before there was Blissey, Snorlax was the king of Gym defense. The fallen king now firmly resides in the II tier with the likes of Tyranitar and Dragonite, with very little excitement around it.

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
143 Snorlax normal 3355 190 320 190

Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon. Snorlax isn’t satisfied unless it eats at least 900 pounds of food per day. Once it is full, it promptly goes to sleep.

Pokémon GO Snorlax overview

Snorlax is one of the strongest Gym defenders, but unlike Blissey it has offensive potential also. With strong stamina and devastating Attacks, Snorlax can lay waste in both roles.

Best Snorlax movesets
 Role Quick move Charge move
⚔️ Gym offense Lick ghost Hyper Beam normal
?️ Gym defense Zen Headbut psychic Hyper Beam normal
? PvP (speculative) Lick ghost Hyper Beam normal

Snorlax Counters in Pokémon GO

Golem Vaporeon  Dragonite
Rock Throw rock Water Gun water Dragon Tail dragon
Stone Edge rock  Hydro Pump water Outrage dragon

Snorlax is rather similar to Blissey, with it’s normal typing and high HP pool making him really hard to counter. It takes extra (125%) damage only from fighting type attacks, 100% from all other types except for Ghost (80%) attacks.

Dragonite and Vaporeon are serious counters for Snorlax, mostly because of their high HP and fast moves which can do a lot of damage. Both can rather easily dodge most of Charged moves, but will lose some HP no matter what.

Golem is also great for dealing damage to Snorlax, but if Snorlax lands an Earthquake, it would crush Golem in a single hit  since it is ground type and it does extra damage (125%) from Earthquake. As most Snorlax encounters have Normal type moves, Golem is still viable as it takes 80% from Normal type moves.

Most other High CP attackers (Machamp) can do a lot of damage, but will take lots of damage.

Snorlax Moveset Analysis

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Zen headbutt Psychic Hyper beam Normal 12/150 25.20 30.10
Lick Ghost Hyper beam Normal 5/150 24.75 29.65
Zen headbutt Psychic Earthquake Ground 12/120 22.10 22.10
Zen headbutt Psychic Heavy slam Steel 12/70 22.10 22.10
Zen headbutt Psychic Body slam Normal 12/50 18.60 21.90
Lick Ghost Earthquake Ground 5/120 21.65 21.65
Lick Ghost Heavy slam Steel 5/70 21.65 21.65
Lick Ghost Body slam Normal 5/50 18.15 21.45

Although Earthquake is often referred to as the weakest possible Charge move for Snorlax, we have to disagree! Heavy Slam has less utility, lower damage and doesn’t have an AOE component, making it sub par in a number of scenarios.

Snorlax with Earthquake can deal significant damage to a group of attackers, which in our eyes makes it almost as good (but not quite!) as Hyper Beam.

Snorlax Quick moves

  • Zen Headbutt does high damage, but it’s slow (1.1 sec) and psychic type is resisted by very few relevant Pokemon in current meta.It does extra damage (125%) to dragon dark and fighting type.It’s recommended to be used in Gym Defense!
  • Lick is ghost type move that does reduced (80%) damage only to normal and normal Pokémon.It’s very fast (0.5 sec) and generates energy quickly, making it ideal for Gym Offense.

Snorlax Charged moves

  • Heavy Slam is steel type which makes it good against ice, rock and fairy (125%), but they are not quite common in Gmys
  • Body Slam is a Legacy Normal type move that is fast (1.9 sec) and very good for attacking almost anything
  • Earthquake is ground type move and it does AOE damage. This means if more players attack Snorlax at the same time, Snorlax can use Earthquake and all attackers will be damaged. Remember that AOE moves do more damage even if dodged!
  • Hyper Beam is really slow move (3.8 sec), but it does by far the highest DPS