Raid Boss List: Groudon Returns

Trainers, the following Raid Boss List is for Raids beginning June 27th, 2019 at 1 PM PDT in Pokémon GO, following the return of Groudon into battles. We expect this raid boss list to be available until Groudon leaves on July 10th.

Raid Boss List: Groudon Returns
Tier Boss Raid
EX Pokemon GO Deoxys (Speed)Deoxys (Speed) Link
5 Pokemon GO GroudonGroudon Link
4 Pokemon GO AbsolAbsol Link
4 Pokemon GO LaprasLapras Link
4 Pokemon GO ShiftryShiftry Link
4 Pokemon GO TyranitarTyranitar Link
4 Pokemon GO Marowak (Alola)Marowak (Alola) Link
3 Pokemon GO MachampMachamp Link
3 Pokemon GO StarmieStarmie Link
3 Pokemon GO TangelaTangela Link
3 Pokemon GO Raichu (Alola)Raichu (Alola) Link
2 Pokemon GO RoseliaRoselia
2 Pokemon GO BreloomBreloom
2 Pokemon GO MawileMawile Link
2 Pokemon GO CloysterCloyster Link
2 Pokemon GO ExeggutorExeggutor Link
1 Pokemon GO WailmerWailmer
1 Pokemon GO MagikarpMagikarp
1 Pokemon GO ShinxShinx
1 Pokemon GO LotadLotad  

Here are our raiding recommendations:

  • Tier 1 – Shiny Hunting, all four Tier 1 Bosses are available in their shiny forms.
  • Tier 2 – Roselia and Breloom are probably the cream of the crop in terms of usefulness and Mawile is still around if you need the Shiny.
  • Tier 3 – Machamp is always worth harvesting as it remains the premier Fighting-type available. Tangela could be useful if you are low on other good Grass-type counters and Alolan Raichu is there for the Shiny.
  • Tier 4 – Tyranitar is the best of the Tier 4 Raids this time around, while Absol and Alolan Marowak are there if you still need their shiny variants. Shiftry is a decent Groudon counter if you need to add to your team.
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