Pokemon GO How to beat Lapras

Pokémon GO Lapras has good Attack, good Defense and very high Stamina — same as Vaporeon. Even after the semi recent “Lapras nerf”, it is still an interesting addition to your offensive or defensive rooster.

Unlike Vaporeon, it’s a lot harder to counter Lapras in Pokémon GO, due to its dual ice and water type. Ice and Water protect each other’s vulnerabilities efficiently, which makes Lapras take extra damage from following:

  • 125% from electric grass rock and fighting type moves.
  • 64% from ice
  • 80% from water

When it comes to Gym offense, Lapras is a great choice for taking down Dragonites (Dragonite takes 156% damage from Ice moves) and Rhydon (156% from Ice and 125% from Water).

ID Sprite Pokémon MAX CP ATK STA DEF
131 Lapras
water ice
2603 165 180 260

Lapras. This intellectually advanced Pokémon is able to understand human speech. With its mild temperament, Lapras prefers to carry humans on its back, rather than engage in Pokémon battles.

Lapras moves in Pokémon GO

Best Lapras Moves in Pokémon GO
Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Frost breath Ice Blizzard Ice 10/130 26.50 33.15
Ice shard Ice Blizzard Ice 12/130 25.95 32.45
Water gun Water Blizzard Ice 5/130 25.95 32.45
Frost breath Ice Hydro pump Water 10/130 25.25 31.55
Ice shard Ice Hydro pump Water 12/130 24.70 30.85
Water gun Water Hydro pump Water 5/130 24.70 30.85
Frost breath Ice Ice beam Ice 10/90 19.20 24.00
Ice shard Ice Ice beam Ice 12/90 18.65 23.30
Water gun Water Ice beam Ice 5/90 18.65 23.30
Frost breath Ice Dragon pulse Dragon 10/90 18.05 19.45
Ice shard Ice Dragon pulse Dragon 12/90 17.50 18.75
Water gun Water Dragon pulse Dragon 5/90 17.50 18.75
Quick moves
  • Water Gun is very fast (0.5 sec) and benefits from STAB, dealing about 12.5 DPS. It gains 10 Energy per second (EPS)
  • Frost Breath also benefits from STAB, but it is a bit slower (0.9 sec) than Water Gun. It gains 8.9 EPS slower, but it does more damage (DPS 13.89). This makes Frost Breath slightly better in defense and offense.
Charged moves
  • Blizzard uses 100 Energy and has the highest DPS (52.42). It’s very hard to dodge making it the best defending move
  • Hydro Pump also uses 100 Energy and does 49.24 DPS
  • Ice Beam uses 50 Energy, deals “only” 34.09 DPS, but it is very good at taking out Dragonite or Rhydon

Countering Lapras in Pokémon GO

You can counter Lapras easily with a good set of electric Pokémon, especially with a good Ampharos. However, our list of hard counters is skewed towards non-electric types, as they are more readily available for a lot of Trainers out there.

Lapras Pokémon GO counters
Lapras counter Pokémon GO
Ampharos Golem Machamp
Volt Switch electric Rock Throw rock Counter fighting
Zap Cannon electric Stone Edge rock Close Combat fighting
  • Golem with rock type moves will do alot of damage quickly, but you have to dodge charged moves, since Golem takes 156% damage from Water and 125% from Ice
  • Machamp with fighting moves also does extra damage to Lapras, takes normal amount of damage from all Lapras moves. However, due to its low stamina and defense you also have to dodge charged moves.
  • Pokémon GO Steelix with steel type moves deals normal damage to Lapras, but it has enough Stamina and Defense to take a few hits. It might be a better option than Golem and Machamp.