We’re starting a new series titled “The Weekly Wrap Up” where we share the best news, guides and reader submitted pictures from the past seven days.

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Important News

Important New Guides

Zapdos is coming very soon, so preparations are in order! We’re still not giving up on Ho-Oh, even though it’s Base Capture Rate was removed. Niantic could be hiding their legs for Pokémon GO Stadium.

Pokemon GO Zapdos RaidZapdos Raid Guide Ho-Oh Pokémon GO Raid BossHo-Oh Raid Guide

Best tweets and pictures

David Moleski created a great spreadsheet featuring Max CP values and other useful statistics for all seven Pokémon generations. As we really liked the spreadsheet, we’re including his Tweet here:

The amazing “Moltres Hype image” that woke us up on Monday:

This funny map depicting Niantic’s appreciation for Eastern Europe:

And that’s it for this Weekly Wrap Up! See you next week!