Pokémon GO XL Candy – how to get it, what it does, power up costs and farming

XL Candy in Pokémon GO
XL Candy in Pokémon GO

XL Candy is a currency in Pokémon GO used to power up Pokémon beyond Level 40. XL Candy was introduced as a part of Pokémon GO’s Beyond update. If you’re looking for a Level 40 to 50 guide, see our Pokémon GO Level 40 to 50 Guide: XP, Level up Tasks and Rewards.

What is XL Candy in Pokémon GO

XL Candy is a special type of Pokémon Candy that is needed to power up Pokémon from Level 40 to Level 50. You cannot start earning XL Candy until you are Level 40. There is no limit on how much XL Candy you can earn in one day.


XL Candy drops for most in-game activities that reward normal Candy, but most XL Candy comes from simply catching Pokémon. Pinap Berries don’t have any effect on the amount of XL Candy earned.

XL Candy icon

Thanks to The SilphScience Research Group we know that the higher level a Pokémon is, the more likely it is to drop a XL Candy.

XL Candy is individual to each specific Pokémon species. You can convert 100 regular Candy into XL Candy. You can also collect XL Rare Candy that behaves like Rare Candy, but only works on Pokémon whose level is above 40.

How to get XL Candy in Pokémon GO

XL Candy can be gained in a variety of different ways, but none of these methods is guaranteed to give you XL Candy. Each method listed below has a random chance of dropping XL Candies. The amount dropped is also semi-randomized.

You can get XL Candy from these activities:

How to get XL Candy in Pokémon GO
Catching a Pokémon 0 – 3 XL Candy
Catch a Raid Boss 1 XL Candy
Trading a Pokémon
  • 1 XL Candy (one or both Trainers)
  • The odds to get an XL Candy from trades seem to be around 10%
Hatching a Pokémon
  • 2km Egg ->  unknown XL Candy amount
  • 5km Egg -> up to 16 XL Candy
  • 7km Egg -> unknown XL Candy amount
  • 10km Egg -> up to 24 XL Candy
  • 12km Egg -> unknown XL Candy amount
Transferring a Pokémon
  • 1 XL Candy per transfer
  • The rate of XL candy from transfers appears to be somewhere between 1/15 to 1/20
Exchange regular Pokémon candy 100 regular Candy -> 1 XL Candy
Meltan Box up to 18 Meltan XL Candy per hour

Catching Pokémon

Catching a Pokémon can reward from 0 to 3 XL Candy. Catching an evolved form does not make it any more likely to reward XL Candy, and it appears to be a random reward. Higher level wild Pokémon have a higher chance of dropping multiple XL Candy.

Catching a shiny Pokémon, or a Legendary Raid Boss, all have the same chance as regular wild Pokémon or either giving, or not giving XL Candy.


Whether or not a Pokémon rewards XL Candy is individual to the Trainer, so just because you gain an XL Candy from a specific Pokémon, does not mean another Trainer will.

Note: Pinap Berries have no influence on the drop rate or quantity of XL candy.

Legendary and Mythical Pokémon work in a similar way to regular Pokémon, and catching them can randomly reward a single XL Candy.

It has been reported that a Meltan box can reward up to 18 Meltan XL Candy in an hour, but your mileage may vary here significantly.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching a Pokémon gives up to a set amount of XL Candy. A 5 km egg rewards up to 16 XL Candy, and 10km eggs reward up to 24 XL Candy. We are receiving reports that 2 km, 7 km, and 12 km eggs all also reward XL Candy, and will update as we have more information.


Trading a Pokémon can randomly give a single XL Candy, either to one Trainer, or both. If one Trainer trading is under level 40, the level 40+ Trainer can still gain an XL Candy, but the Trainer below level 40 cannot. Early research suggests 1 in 10 trades gives XL Candy.

UPDATE – Niantic have confirmed that currently trading will not reward XL Candy temporarily while they make adjustments to the XL Candy system.


Transferring a Pokémon can randomly reward a single XL Candy. Mass transferring Pokémon can reward multiple XL Candies. Transferring higher level Pokémon has a chance to drop more Candy than lover levels.


XL Candy Convert
Convert regular into XL Candy

Additionally, you can also convert 100 regular Pokémon candy to a single XL Candy, quite a steep cost, and probably the least efficient method. If you have a large amount of candy for a Pokémon that is sat collecting dust, like a huge amount of Eevee candy after Eevee Community Day, why not swap some of those thousands of candy for XL Candy?

XL Candy Costs per Level

To power up your Pokémon to level 40, there is a Stardust and candy cost, but to go beyond level 40, you need XL Candy along with your Stardust.

You can power your Pokémon up to Level 50 from a Trainer Level of 40, so you don’t need to be above Level 40 to have maxed out Level 50 Pokémon. Level 41+ Pokémon are usable in Master League, but not in Master League Classic.

Levelling up with XL Candy is certainly an expensive endeavour! Purified Pokémon have a slightly reduced XL Candy cost, and Shadow Pokémon have an even higher XL Candy cost.

Do note that it takes two powerups to increase a whole level. It will take you 250000 dust and 296 Candy XL to power up a Pokémon from Level 40 to 50.

The following table lists XL Candy and Stardust Cost for upgrading Pokémon from Level 41 to Level 50 in Pokémon GO:

XL Candy and Stardust Cost from Level 40 to 50
Level Stardust cost XL Candy CP Multiplier
41 10000 10 0.7953
41.5 10000 10 0.7978
42 11000 10 0.8003
42.5 11000 10 0.8028
43 11000 12 0.8053
43.5 11000 12 0.8078
44 12000 12 0.8103
44.5 12000 12 0.8128
45 12000 15 0.8153
45.5 12000 15 0.8178
46 13000 15 0.8203
46.5 13000 15 0.8228
47 13000 17 0.8253
47.5 13000 17 0.8278
48 14000 17 0.8303
48.5 14000 17 0.8328
49 14000 20 0.8353
49.5 14000 20 0.8378
50 15000 20 0.8403


PokéMiners posted a summarised infographic on their data mining channels, which we’re attaching below:

Pokemon Level Up Requirements for Level 41-55
Pokémon Level Up Requirements for Level 41-55

XL Candy Tips and Tricks in Pokémon GO

  • XL Candy can be acquired via: Trading, Catching, Transferring and Hatching Eggs
  • Raided Pokémon / Shadow Pokémon can both award XL candy when caught / transferred.
  • A Caught Raided Pokémon does not guarantee an XL Candy.
  • A Caught Shiny Pokémon does not guarantee an XL Candy.
  • A Caught Secondary or Third Evolution Pokémon does not guarantee an XL Candy
  • Higher Level Pokémon can award more XL Candy.
  • A Caught Pokémon that awards XL Candy for one Trainer, may not award XL Candy for another.
  • A Caught Pokémon can drop between 0-3 XL Candy.
  • Mass Transferring the same species can award multiple XL Candy.
  • Currently 1XL Candy can be guaranteed via trading (More info on this below)
  • Both Trainers can receive an XL Candy in a trade, but this is less likely than 1 Trainer receiving it.
  • Transferring Legendary / Mythical Pokémon can award an XL Candy.
  • There is currently no known cap on XL Candy that can be acquired in any period of time.
  • Transferring multiple species of Pokémon can award multiple species of XL Candy in one mass transfer.
  • Trading always awards normal candy (as well as the chance at XL Candy) (which can currently be re-rolled until it shows you will receive an XL Candy)
  • Trading with an account under level 40 can still get the 40+ account XL candy.
  • Double transfer Candy event did not award 2x XL Candy


Fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokémon GO

What is the fastest way to get XL Candy in Pokémon Go?

The best way to get XL Candies is to simply catch Pokémon. Do the regular catch / hatch and transfer loop, combine it with trading to do an IV re-roll and you should have no problems with farming XL Candies.

We know that the higher level a Pokémon is, the more likely it is to drop a XL Candy. Weather Boosted Pokémon gain extra level, which results in a higher yield of XL Candy.


According to early testing in Australia, 15% – 25% of your catches will reward XL Candy, which can give you up to 3 XL Candy. Do note that Pinap Berries don’t influence XL Candy from catches.

Converting Candy into XL Candy is not an optimal way to farm XL Candies, as it requires 100 Candy for 1 XL Candy. It takes 296 XL Candy to power up a Pokémon from level 40 to 50, which translates to 29,600 regular Candy.

How much XL Candy you need to fully power up a Pokémon?

You need 296 XL Candy to fully power up a Pokémon to Level 50. Each level has two power ups. The amount per level is as follows:

  • Level 41 (10 XL Candy required)
  • Level 42 (10 XL Candy required)
  • Level 43 (12 XL Candy required)
  • Level 44 (12 XL Candy required)
  • Level 45 (15 XL Candy required)
  • Level 46 (15 XL Candy required)
  • Level 47 (17 XL Candy required)
  • Level 48 (17 XL Candy required)
  • Level 49 (20 XL Candy required)
  • Level 50 (20 XL Candy required)

You need the same amount of XL Candy for every Pokémon, with the exception of Shadow and Purified Pokémon. Shadow Pokémon require 360 XL Candy and Purified Pokémon 272 XL Candy to fully power up.

What is Rare Candy XL and how to get it in Pokémon GO

With the roll out of GO Beyond and the increase of the level cap to level 50, we have also now seen the introduction of Rare Candy XL.

Rare Candy XL
Rare Candy XL

Rare Candy XL works much like regular Rare Candy, in that you can chose the Pokémon that you the Rare Candy XL on. It will then convert to XL Candy for that specific Pokémon. So far we have only received reports of XL Rare Candy being given as a reward for levelling up beyond level 40.

Because of the rarity of Rare Candy XL, we recommend saving it for very special Pokémon, like Legendary and Mythical Pokémon, that will be much harder to farm XL Candy for.


Farming XL Candy is going to be a long-winded experience, making the grind to a maxed out level 50 Pokémon a tricky task! Hatching seems to reward the most XL Candy with a set amount for 5km and 10km eggs, and exchanging Pokémon candy seems to be the most arduous as 100 candy for 1 XL Candy is a very small amount of reward.

Catching every Pokémon you see, and trading before transferring whenever possible, is the best way to gain XL Candy.

XL Candy is part of the Pokémon GO Beyond update, which brought increased level cap, Generation 6 Pokémon and Seasons into Pokémon GO.