ysmaelbp of the GO Hub forum fame has assembled a great list showing which Unown letters were released on real world events so far. We often get asked which Unown letters are still missing, so this answers that.

Per Letter

A – Chicago, Yokohama, Safari
B –
C – Chicago, Twitch
D – Anaheim
E – Europe
F – Safari
G – Chicago
H – Chicago, Yokohama, Twitch
I – Chicago, Safari, Twitch
J –
K – Yokohama
L – Anaheim
M – Yokohama
N –
O – Chicago, Europe, Yokohama, Anaheim
P – Europe,
Q –
R – Europe, Anaheim, Safari
S – Anaheim, Safari
T – Twitch
U – Europe
V –
W – Anaheim, Twitch
X –
Y – Yokohama
Z –



  • Only B, J, N, Q, V, X, and Z have not been released on events
  • Unown O has been in 4 out of the 6 events so far while A, H, I, and R are in 3 of them.