February 2019 Raid Boss List: Palkia rising


Trainers, the following raid bosses are currently available in Pokemon GO, following a series of rapid raid pool changes that occurred last night. We expect these raid bosses to be available from January 30 onwards.

February 2019 Raid Boss List
Tier Boss Guide
EX Deoxys (Attack) Link
5 Palkia Link
4 Marowak (Alola) Link
4 Tyranitar Link
4 Ursaring Link
4 Togetic Link
4 Absol Link
3 Alakazam Link
3 Machamp Link
3 Azumarill Link
3 Granbull Link
2 Exeggutor (Alola) Link
2 Mawile Link
2 Kirlia Link
2 Sableye
1 Buizel
1 Magikarp
1 Swablu
1 Feebas
1 Shinx
1 Dratini

Last night something strange happened with raid bosses and the raid boss pool changed four times in a row, bringing a lot of confusion. Luckily it seems to have stabilized now and features mostly Pokemon that are useful as Palkia counters.

Here are our raiding recommendations for February:

  • You’re best of avoiding Ursaring. Ursa doesn’t have a place on your Palkia raiding team, it can’t be shiny and its not really useful in any PvP league (at least in the current PvP meta game).
  • Azumarill is a solid raid boss for players who are eager to empower their Great League team. It’s not relevant as a Palkia counter, but her strength in Great League fights is almost legendary at this point.
  • Togetic, Kirlia and Granbull are all great option if you’re looking to build an alternative team of Fairy typed Palkia counters. Togekiss and Gardevoir are strong Draco Meteor Palkia counters and Granbull is not far behind. Bonus points for catching a 100% male Kirlia, keep that for its future gender based evolution.
  • Tier 1 is yet again only good for shiny hunting.
  • The rest is a mixed bag of previously seen raid bosses which can be raided on a casual basis. You’re not missing out if you’re not doing them (especially if you’re low on Stardust like myself and you can’t power them up to a reasonable level).

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