Raid Boss List: Terrakion’s Arrival

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Trainers, Terrakion’s arrival as a Tier 5 raid boss has caused a stir in the raid boss pool. The following Pokémon are now available as raid bosses:

Tier 1
Drowzee Shinx Meditite
Klink Wailmer Magikarp
Tier 2
Mawile Croconaw Exeggutor
Grumpig Grotle Marshtomp
Tier 3
Alakazam Machamp Claydol
Raichu (Alola) Espeon Skarmory
Tier 4
Togetic Weezing (Galarian) Absol
Marowak (Alola) Tyranitar Aggron
Tier 5

Which of these are worth raiding? Skarmory has a special place in my heart, both for PvP and for the incredible shiny colors. Machamp and Tyranitar are a must have, as they are essentials tools for progressing through GO raids.

Togetic, A Marowak and Absol are popular among Pokemon fans, but Smack Down Aggron is where it’s at if you’re having problems with Rocket Leader Arlo. Melts Arlo’s Scyther with ease. And of course, Terrakion is the new Legendary on the block, you want one for the Pokédex anyway.

Don’t forget that Tier 1 is full of shiny eligible Pokémon and that some of them are exclusive to raids.

If you’re looking for counter guides, look no further:

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