Trainers, the following raid bosses are currently available in Pokemon GO. Link to our raid guides are available below.New Raid Bosses October

Tier 2 guides

All of the Tier 2 bosses are easy solos.

Tier 3 guides

Alolan Raichu and Claydol can be challenging, but the rest should be soloable.

Tier 4 guides

Alolan Marowak can be a problem, but most are duoable.

Tier 5+ guides

What you should be spending your raid pass on?

We suggest the following strategy for October raids:

  • Mewtwo is always top priority, especially with the new move sets. It’s an incredible generalist and you can use a team of Mewtwo’s against almost anything.
  • Kirlia, Exeggutor, Tyranitar, Houndoom are all interesting bosses, with Kirlia having a new evolution in Generation IV. If you’re unable to attend a Mewtwo or a Tier IV raid, spend your raid pass on Exeggutor and Kirlia.
  • Drowzee, Magikarp, Meditite, Wailmer, Mawile and Absol can be shiny. If you’re missing one of them, try farming their shiny form using your daily free raid pass. Drowzee is the least appealing option given the current Psychic Spectacular Event

Should you power up any of the current raid bosses?

No. Generation III is on it’s way out and we don’t know how the meta will look a few months from now. You should absolutely save your Stardust and candies for when Generation IV comes out.

Read up more about Generation IV here: Pokemon GO Generation IV Guides and Pokemon