Pokémon Duel Genesect



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Rarity: EX
Movement: 3
Material Cost: 4000


Techno Charge – I wanted to say Techno Blast, but because this is a 3* purple attack, there isn’t much of an argument to be made. Not only will you not die if you land on Techno Charge, except against gold attacks, but your next battle will also have a 40% chance of doing 100 damage, which in combination with one of his Tech Plates, can remove an enemy Pokemon from the game.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
8 Dodge Blue
8 Miss Red
40 Techno Blast White 50
8 Miss Red
8 Dodge Blue
24 Techno Charge Purple This Pokémon must Wait. In exchange, it receives a damage boost of +50 until the end of its next battle ☆☆☆

Special ability

Hoverjet - This Pokémon can MP Move over your other Pokémon on the field