Pokémon Duel Guide

Pokémon Duel Cube Guide

There are 3 different types of obtainable cubes in Pokémon Duel:

  • Blue – XP and leveling a pokemon
  • Green – increases the Chain Level of a Pokemon
  • Yellow – more coins


Blue Cubes Guide

Blue cubes reward experience that varies based on the rarity of the cube. To level up Pokémon in Duel, you need to spend experience. Leveling up your Pokémon is essential, as it reduces size of the red wedges. Due to XP requirement increasing, Blue cubes are very important.

When a Pokémon levels up, you are able to increase the size of any non-red wedge in the wheel. Doing this will reduce the size of the remaining red wedges and increase the size of the selected wedge. The result is very simple, yet important: a better chance to land on that wedge and a lower chance to miss your attack completely.

The maximum Pokemon level for this aspect is Level 5.

Minerals Guide

Minerals are used to increase the Chain Level of a Pokémon. The damage dealt by a Pokémon increases for a specific attack when you level up. The problem arises, as you choose the attack, meaning only 10 Points can be distributed between your figure’s attacks.

Remember, every Pokémon can get only up to Chain Level 10.

The rules of power up are simple:

  • Zero Damage, Blue and Red Attacks are unable to receive a point
  • Purple attacks can not increase stars

Remember the cost also:

Rarity Upgrade cost
Common 30 Minerals
Uncommon 9 Minerals
Rare 3 Minerals
EX 1 Mineral


The required amount of XP does not change upon leveling up a Pokémon’s chain level.

Ingots Guide

Ingots (Yellow cubes) are currency that’s exchanged for Coins, in the bottom right side of the shop screen.

Coins are used to do any type of fusing. Coins are also used in the Quest mode in order to perform a team evaluation to tell you whether your team is going to have a hard or easy time on this level.