here is our initial release of the Generation III Egg Chart. based upon the knowledge collected so far. Huge shout out to everyone who sent their catches to us, or our Spanish partners at Pokémon GO Hub ES, via Twitter and e-mail ([email protected]).

Before we share the list, please be aware that this is a very early version and will likely change in the future. Egg charts can be… hard, and almost always, they require further research and validation. Unfortunately, it’s not something we can reverse engineer, we depend on observational data and accurate user reports to build it.

In addition, we don’t know if all previously known Egg Pokémon are still hatching (see Pokemon GO Egg Chart (Gen I and II)). We think that they still are, but time will tell if we’re correct.

Without further ado, these are the new Generation III hatches:

Egg group
2 KM 5 KM 10 KM
Gulpin Shroomish Ralts
Wurmple Makuhita Slakoth
Poochyena Seedot
Spoink Wynaut
Skitty Azurill

We’ve given particular reports more gravity than we usually do, especially if they followed the same pattern established by previous generations, while we also cut some of the obvious “reports” created by using Photoshop and other tools for photo manipulation.

If you observe something new, let us know in the comments below, we’ll do another round of research in a few days to see if we missed something and to see how the older hatches behave.

  • YellowZaki

    Azurill is 2km

    • Vance

      I hatched Azurill from a 5km so…

  • Chris Denton

    I’ve hatched 4 wurmple today.

    • Brady Newton

      wurmple is not rare but i still dont have one so i am jealus XD

      • Dan

        I’m having better luck finding Slakoth over Wurmple. I have no idea why.

  • Heydavid17

    I hatched a Skitty last night, from a 5KM

    • Adam Kline

      Skitty is in 2km

      • Heydavid17

        But I hatched it from a 5KM egg
        I mean have you hatched a Skitty at least yet?
        I mean, I’m just basing this on what I’ve witnessed with my own eyes

        • Calling Your BS

          It’s a cat. It doesn’t play by human rules…

      • Joshua Paul

        Just hatched a skitty from a 5km egg, not a 2k Adam Kline.

        • leonidaswin

          Adam Kline is a liar.

  • Simone Amoruso

    Check Serebii

  • prnz_hamzah

    I hatched a Zizagoon from a 2KM egg today.

  • CyberBishop1

    I hatched a Slakoth from a 10k today, spoink, Gulpin and Wurmple from 2k today as well.

  • DevilxDan

    I havent got a single new gen 3 poke yet cos the weather been to bad smh

    • Brady Newton

      same no gen 3 here ):

      • Calling Your BS

        Try a forest area. Didn’t found anything except a sh-tload of Minuns until I got into the forest. Found Poochyena, Seedot, Seviper, Slakoth, Wurmple and Zigzagoon within 10 minutes!

  • Haakon Hovde

    I haven´t gor a single gen 3 pokemon with incense. How is the ratio for lures?

    • Chris Denton

      With the incense I used, I was able to get 4 gen 3 out of 28 total Pokémon.

  • Mohanand Mohammad

    Zigzagoon 2K

  • Joel Jensen

    Azurill hatches from 2KM eggs, according to heavy.

  • Jon Jon Javellana

    Bah, no Gen 3 from any new eggs ive gotten since it came out lol.

  • BLegend

    Mudkip hatches from 2ks

    • Andrew Hernandez

      Shut up B!

  • Christine Allen

    Hatched a slakoth from a 10. A skitty from a 5. And a eletrike from a 2. I’ve got 10 new gen 3 Pokemon.

  • Dan

    Skitty is definitely a 5 KM.

  • Ryan Red

    Hatched a Zigzagoon from a 2K, all
    other “new” eggs have been generation 1 & 2 stuff.

  • nik_lin

    Thanks a lot guys, keep up the good work 🙂 Just the information I needed for my Egg Tracker for Pokemon GO app

  • Franzeiders

    I hatched a Duskull from a 5 KM….. DUSKULL!! 🙁

  • Dávid Bartoš

    Friend hatched Barboach from 2km!

  • Edward Martinez
  • Nygreens

    I just hatched a Wailmer from a 2k egg. I recieved 5 candy

  • Rene Schink

    2km Egg was a Luvdisc and a 10km was a Feebas