User Guide

Advanced Preparation For The Fire and Ice Event

USER GUIDE | Submitted by DavidKSAWith the rumored Fire and Ice event approaching, I thought now would be a good time to examine how players can...
Pokemon GO Generation IV Legendary

Answering a few Legendary Questions

USER GUIDE | Submitted by marcosm8After the release of Legendary Pokémon has been officially confirmed, we can begin to speculate about what that means. There are a lot...
Pokémon GO Salamence Max CP Stats Moves

Salamence vs. Dragonite in Pokémon GO: an in-depth comparison

USER GUIDE | Submitted by DavidKSAToday, we explore how well the / Salamence from Generation III stacks up against the original from Generation I,...
Scyther Metal Coat Evolution

Evolution Items in Pokémon GO

USER GUIDE | Submitted by MegaEagle360Trainers, Evolution Items may have been in Pokemon GO for a while now, ever since February. But, Today I will be...
Pokemon GO Ideas

Berries and how they could be used in the upcoming Gym Rework (Part 1/2)

USER GUIDE | Submitted by MegaEagle360Trainers, As you all know, the gym rework update is quickly approaching. Now, you might be wondering why I'm talking about...
Pokemon Buddy System has been data mined

How to choose your event buddy

This guide is a fan written guide, written by a GO Hub Forum Member. It is written by Emily, one of the kindest and most active people we...

What Ingress can teach us about the upcoming Gym Rework and Pokémon feeding

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian on May 13 2017Like the redemption codes, the Gym Rework seems to include elements that seem very familiar to Ingress...

Speculation about Promo Codes: what we know from Ingress

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian (Poke Dad) on May 13 2017Niantic is releasing, and has released, a lot of content in Pokémon GO that is somewhat...
pokemon go blissey

An in-depth guide to countering Blissey in Pokémon GO

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Chateranga on May 09 2017Before the launch of Generation 2, the hype around Pokémon GO Blissey and what it would...
Pokemon GO genders

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Start Enjoying Pokemon Go

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Leek DuckThis piece has previously been posted on Reddit in August with positive reception. I’d like to share my opinion on how...

Easter event speculation and why not a Shiny week?

A few days ago we were surprised with the Water Festival event, where we could observe the appearance of the first shiny Pokémon. Maybe...

Wrestling against the mighty Ursaring in Pokémon GO

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 on March 29 2017It's not a surprise that your cute Teddiursa will evolve into that vicious looking Ursaring. Let...
Slaking Pokémon GO

The problem with Slaking in Pokémon GO

USER GUIDE | Submitted by FollowYourInstincts on March 27 2017Slaking is a Normal type Pokémon that originally got introduced in Generation 3. Slaking has 2...

Pokémon GO Houndoom

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 on March 17 2017 Who let the houndoom out? It’s not easy utilizing a Fire type Pokémon in Pokémon GO. We...
Pokemon GO Gen 2

Best Gym Attackers based on Type (Generation 1 and 2)

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JustBurris on March 16 2017Below we’ll be going over the top Pokémon based on their Type. The charts break down the...
Ampharos Pokemon GO


Ampharos has been one of the rarest Pokémon in the game for a long time. After Mareep's Community Day, where it had access to...

Pinap Berry in Pokemon GO: “The power of Pinap!”

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JustBurris on March 11 2017 With the introduction of the Pinap Berry comes a whole new way to play the game....
Pokemon GO Scizor vs Steelix

Metal Coat in Pokémon GO: should you use Metal Coat on Steelix or Scizor?

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 on March 11 2017 The Metal Coat dilemma Say you were lucky enough to get a Metal Coat after your fingers have gone...
Pokemon GO Gen 2

Pokémon GO Blissey: the tank of all tanks | Max CP, stats, spawn locations

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JustBurris on March 9th 2017In terms of Pokémon GO, Blissey has been a meta defining Pokémon, mostly in Gyms and in...

King’s Rock in Pokémon GO: “Congratulations, you have a King’s Rock. Now what?”

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian on 8th March 2017With the release of Generation II, you have a lot of new Pokémon to evolve. One of the...
Pokémon Sun and Moon Evolution Item Guide

Pokémon Candy you should save for Generation 4

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JustBurrisAre you excited that Generation 2 is finally out? I know I am, but now the grind begins… It’s time to...

Pokemon GO Donphan | Max CP, moves, stats | Spawn locations

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 Donphan in Pokémon GO I remember seeing a Donphan for the first time when I watched Mewtwo Strikes Back. It was...

Pokémon GO Lanturn – bright light from the sea!

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14It's a common practice in Pokémon Go to catch and collect those that we are sure will make our Pokémon...
Pokemon GO Tyranitar vs Dragonite

Tyranitar vs Dragonite: round two

USER GUIDE | Submitted by ChaterangaAt the beginning of the year I examined the strengths and weaknesses of these two widely popular Pokemon and made...

Piloswine – piles of awesomeness!

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14I first saw Swinub​ on social media. It was posted in one of the groups that I joined about Pokemon...
Scyther Metal Coat Evolution

Scizor Pokémon GO: Scizor cuts paper and rock!

Scizor cuts paper and rock! USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14After numerous spins of those Pokéstops, I finally got one. It was sheer unexpected luck. A Metal...
Pokemon GO Noctowl Gen 2

Pokemon GO Noctowl: “Why not nurture that Noctowl?”

Why not nurture that Noctowl? USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 on Feb 22 2017 I’ll start this with a note that I love Noctowl. When I watched the...
Alola forms

Execute with Exeggutor

Execute with Exeggutor USER GUIDE | Submitted by Larian on February 2nd 2017In the same vein as the Victory for Victreebel by JovJov14, I would like to suggest a...
Gym Battles Update

How to keep Gyms for several weeks

How to keep Gyms for several weeks USER GUIDE | Submitted by Cleopterix on January 30th 2017When I started playing the Pokémon Go game I battled gyms and...

Victory for Victreebel

Victory for Victreebel USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 on 23rd of January 2017That’s right! I’m talking about the grass-type Pokemon that James from Team Rocket had...