Raid Boss List: Summer Legendary Line-Up

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Trainers, the following Raid Boss List for the start of the Summer Legendary Line-Up in Pokémon GO, following the raid pool changes that occurred as Extraordinary Raid Week ended. Please keep in mind that Cresselia is in raids until June 18th at 1pm PDT. Then Kyogre returns from June 18th – June 27th and, last but not least, Groudon from June 27th – July 10th.

Please Note: Raid Bosses changed at 1pm PDT and again at 2pm PDT. They seem to be stable as the list below but we will be keeping a close eye on any other changes if they occur!

Here are our raiding recommendations:

  • Tier 1 HYPE as all three forms of Burmy have been made available! That’s right Trainers, Burmy’s Plant, Sandy, and Trash forms can be found in Tier 1 raids. Drifloon and Shinx are your regular shiny fillers.
  • Tyranitar is the best of the T4s, but Alolan Marowak, Houndoom, and Absol are all good counters for the Cresselia. Absol and Alolan Marowak are good for shiny hunting!
  • Get ALL the Gengar. Gengar is an Excellent counter to the Cresse. Scyther raids are a good way to get some good IV Scizor as well as possibly nabbing that shiny. Alolan Raichu is good for shiny hunting. Sharpedo, while boasting a massive attack stat, is skippable. Same for Crawdaunt.
  • Sneasel is a great counter once you evolve it into Weavile. Mawile, Sableye, and Misdreavus, as always, are good for shiny hunting!

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