Raid Boss List: Ultra Bonus Week 2 (September 9 – 16)

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Trainers, the following raid bosses are available from September 9 to September 16, as a part of the Ultra Bonus Event: Week 2 (2019). Happy shiny hunting and may your TMs drop aplenty!

Tier 1

Shuppet Murkrow
Duskull Shinx
  • Luxio is a strong Electric type and shiny Shinx is only available from raids.
  • Shiny Murkrow is excellent trade bait
  • Shuppet and Duskull were widely available in their shiny form during the release of Gen 3 in 2017.

Tier 2

Mawile Misdreavus
Sneasel Feebas
Exeggutor (Alola)

Tier 3

Gengar Scyther
Machamp Sharpedo
Raichu (Alola)

Tier 4

Shiftry Houndoom
Absol Tyranitar
Marowak (Alola)

Tier 5

Deoxys Deoxys (Attack)
Deoxys (Defense) Deoxys (Speed)

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