Best Pokémon to bring to a Raid Battle

Pokemon GO Tyranitar

A chart showing Pokémon that are overall best picks to bring to a Raid. This chart favors Rare Raid Boss Counters, as they’re quite more difficult than Normal Raid Bosses and require multiple Raiders.

The Pokémon listed here make the Raids a lot easier and there are some early indications that they can enable solo-raids for Tier 3 Bosses.

1. Machamp with 2x fighting moves

Machamp is a staggeringly good in multiple Raid Boss fights, as it’s Super effective against darkicenormalrock and steel.

In other words, a 2x fighting Machamp will deal huge amount of damage to Tyranitar, Lapras, Snorlax and Rhydon.

Prefered movesets:

2. Rhydon / Golem with 2x ground moveset

Rhydon and Golem can use Mud Slap groundEarthquake ground to deal super effective damage against Arcanine, Jolteon, Flareon and deal a lot of damage to the rest of the bosses. Just avoid Vaporeon and other water bosses.

Prefered movesets:

3. Tyranitar

Tyranitar is the best counter to Gengar / Alakazam, as it’s dark typing combined with dark moves deals SE damage and reduces incoming hits.

You can use Bite dark / Crunch dark to counter Gengar and Alakazam, but you can also use Bite dark / Stone Edge rock to counter Charizard.

Prefered movesets:

4. Alakazam or Dragonite

Both Alakazam and Dragonite are huge DPS machines, but each of them have their niche. Alakazam will pile through Machamp easily, while Dragonite can go through most of the Bosses even if it’s not super effective.

Dragonite should come with the strongest DPS moveset you have, for example, Dragon Tail dragon / Outrage dragon.

Alakazam has to have 2x psychic moveset (Psycho Cut / Futuresight).