Pokemon Duel Deck Construction Guide

Making a strong deck is essential for Duel and Quest play in Pokemon Duel. This page explains basic mechanics and figure value in a Duel deck.

Your deck must have 6 figures. There are three types of basic figures, and each of them has a specific role to fulfill on the board:

  • Tank – 1 Movement Speed
  • Fighter – 2 Movement Speed
  • Runner – 3 Movement Speed

Of course, you always want to have the best figures inside, namely EX figures, but it doesn’t mean they are be all and end all answer for every deck. Let’s talk deck structure.

1. You should have at least one 3 Moves figure!

As Movement Power is a key stat in Pokemon Duel, you should build a deck with at least 1 figure with 3 Movement Points. Remember, your goal is to reach the enemy’s starting position and 3 Movement Points figures are a key for that. It’s recommended to put at least 1, preferably 2, figures with 3 MPs in your deck.

This figure is your goal getter and playmaker, you enforce your strategy with it. The best figures you can have for this role are Latios, Latias and Greninja.


Don’t place too many 3MP figures in your deck as they often lack damage and utility when compared to 2MPs and 1MPs.

2. Your deck core are 2 Movement Points figures.

We’ve already explained the divide and the role of every movement class of figures, claiming that 2 MPs are considered to be fighters. You will soon realise that decks are made or broken by the synergies provided by their staple 2MP figures.

Because they can be used for offense and defense, it’s a key to deck formation. You should always put at least 3-4 MP2 figures in your deck, and always look for possible Synergies, like this one: Emolga + Dialga/Palkia.

Split your figure slots between Pokémon with white and purple moves.

3. Your deck needs just one 1 MP figure

Honestly, 1MP figures are tanks, specialists and damage powerhouses. Usually, you only want one in your deck. There is a plethora of options for this slot, however, you should define the role of your 1MP strictly.

Is your 1MP a damage powerhouse? A gatekeeper? A “Kill Latios” Specialist? It’s up to you to decide and choose accordingly.

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