Pokémon Duel Xerneas



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Rarity: EX
Movement: 2
Material Cost: 4500


Fairy Mist or Moonblast – If you have 1 or more other Fairy Pokemon in your deck, Fairy Mist is the best attack to level up. If, however, this is your only Fairy Pokemon, Moonblast is the best to level up. It is not worth levelling up Geomancy because of the 2 Miss and 2 Dodge moves, and also by levelling up Moonblast you will be more likely to hit for 120 if you do end up landing on Geomancy first spin.

Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Additional Notes Damage
8 Miss Red
20 Moonblast White 70
4 Dodge Blue
12 Geomancy White Spin again until an Attack other than Geomancy is spun. Damage attacks do +50 damage
4 Dodge Blue
24 Moonblast White 70
4 Miss Red
20 Fairy Mist Purple When this Pokémon is on the field, your Fairy-type Pokémon receive a +10 boost to attack damage ☆☆

Special ability

Force Balance - When placed adjacent to this Pokémon, your Pokémon will be boosted from 0-1MP to 2 MP, and your opponent's Pokémon will be reduced from 3+MP to 2MP