PokeAlert – tracker that still works, with push notifications

PokeAlert is an Android app for tracking Pokemon that still works. Currently it’s version is 2.3.2-5 (released on Aug 3, 2016), with only 1 author actively contributing to...
Pokemon GO Trading, PvP and Gen II Release Dates

Pokemon GO Trading, Trainer Battles and Gen II Release Dates

Written by a no-hype software developer we managed to borrow for this analysis. All of the estimates, numbers, technical considerations and ideas are based on...
Pokemon GO Niantic Facebook

Analysis of Niantic’s Facebook and Twitter Posts so Far

It's been almost a month since the game has launched and a huge number of players complained about the lack of communication and feedback from Niantic. We...
Pokemon GO Python API

Pokemon GO Python API

Ever since the launch of the game, Pokemon GO Python API was an interesting option for building Pokemon GO trackers and Pokemon GO map applications. As...

Pokemon GO Steps counter removed as a performance optimization

Yesterday, the entire Pokemon GO community was in an uproar after witnessing the removal of Pokemon tracking mechanism from the app. The long awaited...
Pokemon GO Trading

Pokemon GO Trading coming soon

Niantic confirmed that Pokemon GO trading is a real and coming to the app, but no release date has been set - yet. Niantic Labs CEO...

Pokemon GO Java API

Today we're reviewing an interesting piece of software engineering - Pokemon GO API written completely in Java. API stands for application programming interface and it's a interaction...

Top 10 Attack Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Today we're bringing you top 10 Pokemon with Best Attack Stat in Pokemon GO. These rankings are not official and can change over time, but...

What Pokemon GO Team are you on? – Week 1

We are running a new series of weekly polls on the global sizes of Pokemon GO Teams and this is the first installment of the...

Hardwell closes Ultra Europe 2016 with Pokemon Theme Song

We've done it guys, even Hardwell plays Pokemon! :) Closing Ultra Europe 2016 with Pokemon Theme song was an amazing way to give credit...
Pokemon GO Cosplay

Pokemon GO Cosplay Gallery

If you have time, please consider sharing this post with your Facebook friends. We are a new website, non profit and community oriented - we...

Quick PSA About Pokemon GO Server Issues from Former Game Developer

We came across an amazing write up on the server issues from a former game developer on reddit, and decided to relay it here...