Generation III Egg chart: December 2017, includes all currently released Pokemon

As new Generation is slowly released, so does the egg chart slowly change. Today, we’re happy to announce the updated version of our Generation III Egg chart, now featuring the new Water and Ice Pokemon that were recently released.

Similar to previous generations, a more difficult egg group doesn’t guarantee a “better Pokemon”, so there is something to look forward in every egg tier.

Without further ado, enjoy the Egg chart, our analysis and commentary of best Pokemon to hatch is on the bottom of the article.

Generation  III Egg chart

Includes Pokemon released by December 29 2017. Unverified hatches not included. A huge shout out to everyone who submitted their hatches to us via Twitter, e-mail or Facebook.

Gen III Egg chart (so far)
# Sprite Pokémon Egg Hatch CP (100% IV)
252 Pokémon GO Treecko stats and Max CP Treecko 5km 527
255 Pokémon GO Torchic stats and Max CP Torchic 5km 548
258 Pokémon GO Mudkip stats and Max CP Mudkip 5km 560
261 Pokémon GO Poochyena stats and Max CP Poochyena 2km 322
263 Pokémon GO Zigzagoon stats and Max CP Zigzagoon 2km 242
265 Pokémon GO Wurmple stats and Max CP Wurmple 2km 286
270 Pokémon GO Lotad stats and Max CP Lotad 5km 300
273 Pokémon GO Seedot stats and Max CP Seedot 5km 300
280 Pokémon GO Ralts stats and Max CP Ralts 10km 249
285 Pokémon GO Shroomish stats and Max CP Shroomish 5km 412
287 Pokémon GO Slakoth stats and Max CP Slakoth 10km 538
296 Pokémon GO Makuhita stats and Max CP Makuhita 5km 426
298 Pokémon GO Azurill stats and Max CP Azurill 5km 181
300 Pokémon GO Skitty stats and Max CP Skitty 5km 376
302 Pokémon GO Sableye stats and Max CP Sableye 10km 745
316 Pokémon GO Gulpin stats and Max CP Gulpin 2km 450
318 Pokémon GO Carvanha stats and Max CP Carvanha 5km 499
320 Pokémon GO Wailmer stats and Max CP Wailmer 2km 814
325 Pokémon GO Spoink stats and Max CP Spoink 5km 734
339 Pokémon GO Barboach stats and Max CP Barboach 2km 409
341 Pokémon GO Corphish stats and Max CP Corphish 5km 633
349 Pokémon GO Feebas stats and Max CP Feebas 10km 125
353 Pokémon GO Shuppet stats and Max CP Shuppet 5km 498
355 Pokémon GO Duskull stats and Max CP Duskull 5km 299
360 Pokémon GO Wynaut stats and Max CP Wynaut 5km 287
361 Pokémon GO Snorunt stats and Max CP Snorunt 5km 441
363 Pokémon GO Spheal stats and Max CP Spheal 2km 500
370 Pokémon GO Luvdisc stats and Max CP Luvdisc 2km 420

Best Pokemon to hatch from current Gen III eggs

Here are our top hatches from the current Gen III eggs with some commentary:

  • Treecko – Sceptile is a beast and you should have one on your team as soon as possible, especially with Kyogre Raid Boss coming in the nearby future
  • Ralts – Gardevoir is arguably the best Fairy type you can obtain now and use in the foreseeable future. Ralts is rare and you should always look forward to hatching one
  • Shroomish and Makuhita – both Pokemon evolve into strong Fighting types. Hariyama is so good that it can almost replace Machamp in a number of match-ups
  • Feebas – Milotic is great, fitting the same niche as Vaporeon
  • Spheal – although Walrein is not as good as previously available Ice types, it doesn’t hurt to have another option for countering the upcoming Dragon typed bosses
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