Pokémon GO Fest 2021 Day 2: Pocket Guide

Pocket Edition to GO Fest 2021 Raid Day

Pokémon GO Fest 2021 is almost here! The hype is real, and in addition to our massive GO Fest preparation manual, we’re bringing you a two-part compact guide to the whole event. Check out the GO Fest 2021 Day 1 Pocket Guide for Day 1 features and bonuses.

In this article we’ll go through all the GO Fest Day 2 features, bonuses, and raids. Please be aware that you can pickup and complete Strange Rings Special Research on Day 2.

Features and bonuses

All trainers, regardless of if you have a ticket

  • Half hatch distance when incubating during event hours
  • Lures will last for three hours
  • Igglybuff, Chingling, Audino and more hatching from 7km eggs
  • Event-exclusive Field Research
  • Special on-map visual effects
  • Six special trades per day, running from Friday 16 July at 1:00pm PDT to Sunday 18 July at 11:00pm
  • Evolve Kirlia during event hours to get the Community Day move Synchronoise on Gardevoir, or evolve Vibrava to get Earth Power on Flygon

Ticket holders

  • An extra 10,000 XP for winning a raid
  • Spin Gyms to earn up to 10 normal raid passes (orange)
  • Completed timed research to earn up to eight remote raid passes (blue)
  • Free event bundle with three further remote raid passes
  • Special event stickers received from spinning PokeStops
  • On Sunday, using GO Snapshot after completing the special research will give you a photobomb encounter from either Meloetta Hat Gardevoir or Meloetta Hat Flygon, depending on which you chose during the research


Note that the themed hours on Day 2 will not rotate – regardless of where you are, you will start with Wind Hour at 10am on 18 July, before proceeding on to Lava, Frost and Thunder, and starting again with Wind at 2pm.

Wind Hour raids

Top meta targets: Mewtwo (raid and Rocket attacker, PvP Master League), Altered Forme Giratina (raid and Rocket attacker, PvP Ultra League), Cresselia (PvP Ultra League)

Lava Hour raids

Top meta targets: Moltres (top Fire type attacker), Groudon (top Ground type attacker, PvP Master League), Reshiram (top Fire type attacker), Terrakion (top Rock type attacker) Therian Forme Landorus (top Ground type attacker)

Frost Hour raids

Top meta targets: Articuno (PvP Ultra League), Lugia (number one ranked for PvP Master League) Kyogre (top Water type attacker), Palkia (top Dragon type attacker)

Thunder Hour raids

Top meta targets: Rayquaza (top Dragon and Flying type attacker), Dialga (top Dragon and Steel type attacker, PvP Master League), Zekrom (top Dragon and Electric type attacker)

Strange Rings Special Research

Hoopa wallpaper

Strange Rings is a Special Research quest line that debuted during Pokémon GO Fest 2021. The quest line features the mythical Pokémon Hoopa and its mischievous adventures in the world of Pokémon GO.

Learn more here: Strange Rings Special Research Tasks and Rewards

Timed Research

Raid Day Timed Research Step 1-8 (this step repeats 7 times)

  • Battle in a Raid: x100 Stardust
  • Rewards: x3 Max Potion, x1 Remote Raid Pass and x3 Max Revive


And we’re all done for GO Fest Day 2, trainers – if you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the Pocket Guide to GO Fest for Day 1!

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Sarah is a writer and Level 48 trainer from Melbourne, Australia.

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